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World map probably consulted by Columbus

Imaging Technology Reveals 15th-century Cartographer’s World View

Christopher Columbus likely used world map

Watercolor of Hampton, Va.,by Robert Knox Sneden

Civil War Watercolors by Mapmaker Depicted Deprivation and Despair of Long Conflict

Robert Knox Sneden colored the record

Murals by Thomas Cole Found at His Home in the Catskills

Rowing at Wellesley, 1894

Seven Sisters Join Forces to Tell Shared History of Female Education

Minnesota Makes October Veterans Voices Month

Duck decoys

Decoy Collection at Vermont’s Shelburne Museum Gets New Roost

Archaeological evidence shows modern hunters were not the first to use decoys.


A Pair of Technologies Sheds New Light on Jubilees Palimpsest

An ancient text reveals a wider context for Biblical studies.

Gloucester, 1961

In Mid Twentieth Century, Folly Cove Artisans Reunited Designers and Craftsmen

Local aesthetic caught eye of national retailers.

Sur's Ocean

Murty Classical Library of India Sheds Light on Sixteenth-century Lyrical Poet Surdas

Poems in the style proliferated for centuries.

Nineteenth-century Harrisburg, Pa.

Pennsylvania’s Simon Cameron Staged Honorific Tribute of Black Troops After Civil War

Review in Harrisburg was a capital idea.