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The Danger of Historical Amnesia

Historian David McCullough talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about how American education has lapsed.

"Every Book is a New Journey"

The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian talks with Chairman Bruce Cole about the delights of discovering history.

Resurrecting the Texts

This year's Jefferson Lecturer, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about building a canon of African American literature.

Voices of the Slave Trade

A captive and an owner give firsthand accounts of the transatlantic voyage.


The new chairman talks about what art means to history and what he sees ahead for the Endowment.

A Multiplicity of Voices

Nobel Prize-winning poet and playwright Derek Walcott talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about literature, Caribbean culture, and Robinson Crusoe.

Outgrowing Myths

Writer William Kittredge reflects on the passing of the Old West and the growing pains of the new with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris.

The Lone Star State Crosses a New Frontier

Douglas E. Barnett talks with NEH Chairman William R. Ferris about taking the New Handbook of Texas online.

On the Trail of Lost Art

Historian Lynn H. Nichols talks about the theft of European treasures in World War II with William R. Ferris.

A Conversation with Arthur Miller

The Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright talks about morality and the public role of the artist with Chairman William R. Ferris.