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Image of toy workers "building a community of knowledge."

Building a Community of Knowledge

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the challenges and successes of an ever-evolving encyclopedia.

Hamilton's image superimposed on Wall Street buyer

A Lot Like Us

Author Richard Brookhiser and NEH Chairman Bruce Cole discuss the modern sensibilities of America's Founders.

Game Playing

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole and author Steven Johnson discuss how video games challenge the way we think.

Treasure Hunting in Baghdad

Marine Colonel Matthew Bogdanos talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about recovering stolen artifacts in Iraq.

East and West at Arm’s Length

Middle East scholar Bernard Lewis reflects with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole on relations between Islamic and Christian societies.

Not Just Another Ice-Cream-Suit-Wearing, Pen-Wielding Master of the Statusphere

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole speaks with Tom Wolfe about his role as the Balzac of our times.

Uncharted Territory

Google guru Vinton Cerf talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the Internet's role in the humanities.

Women of Influence

NEH Chairman Bruce Cole talked recently with ABC and NPR news analyst Cokie Roberts about her most recent book, Founding Mothers, and the role women played in the early days of the Republic.

Bridging Two Worlds

Writer Bette Bao Lord speaks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about blending Chinese and American culture in her life.

Life Through Art’s Prism

British writer Paul Johnson talks with NEH Chairman Bruce Cole about the history of art and its place in America.