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Dolley Madison, by Gilbert Stuart

Dolley Madison defined the role of the President's wife. Learn how America's first First Lady changed the face of...

Rebuild Xerxes’ bridge over the Hellespont or learn about Edith Wharton’s work as a World War I war correspondent. NEH’s...
Einstein Papers Project: The density of the Milky Way, Pasadena, January 1931.

The first complete picture of a massive written legacy that ranges from Einstein's first work on the special and...

Emma Goldman

An internationally known anarchist, the Russian emigrant Emma Goldman was for nearly half a century the most controversial...

Encyclopedia Iranica

Persia from A to Z: a comprehensive online encyclopedia of Iranian history, art, literature, and culture.

Blue Grass Group
Davy Crockett, coal-mining, Pearl S. Buck, bluegrass, the Biltmore Estate, and beyond: check out this one-stop guide to all...
Emperor Jones poster, 1937

Journey through the turbulent life and tragic masterpieces of one of America’s greatest playwrights.

Codex Selden
Explore the history of Mesoamerica with this online resource of maps, tutorials, and 16th century Aztec and Mixtec documents.
I Am A Man poster, 1968, Emerson Graphics

View this online collection of the photographs, posters, television clips and newspaper articles that shaped and...

Immigrants landing at Ellis Island
Take a virtual tour, search photos and records, and hear the stories of patients who were detained, treated, and sometimes...
Percy Julian

Against all odds, African-American chemist Percy Julian became one of the great scientists of the 20th century.

Central Park

The life and legacy of the man who made public parks an essential part of American life.