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March 8, 2016

Mapping Granville Memories: A Community Storytelling Workshop

Buildings, street corners, schools, churches, parks, and trees all can be places that get woven into the fabric of daily routine and imbued with personal and public memories. Unfortunately, such places sometimes become taken for granted. If that happens, memories fade, places become endangered, and the genius and spirit of the place suffers. How can we retrieve and share memories about local places before they are lost?

November 3, 2014

America's Greatest Conflict: Novels of the Civil War

Sometimes historical facts alone are not enough to evoke the truth of the past -- perhaps this is what Walt Whitman meant when he claimed of the Civil War that 'the real war will never get into the books.' In these selections, novelists use their imaginative powers to re-create the greatest upheaval in our history in a way that touches emotions and senses as much as the intellect.  

February 18, 2014

Congressional Staff Webinar: NEH April/May Grant Deadlines

We encourage you to share information with your constituents about upcoming NEH grant deadlines.