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Division Overview

The Division of Education Programs works to strengthen humanities education through programs aimed at pre-collegiate and post-secondary levels of study. Through intensive summer programs of reading and discussion with recognized scholars, individual teachers have opportunities to strengthen their mastery of the subjects they teach in history, philosophy, literature and languages, world cultures, art history, and political science, among others. These residential programs encourage schoolteachers and college teachers to study common texts, visit collections in libraries and museums, exchange ideas about the art of teaching, and share insights and materials with their colleagues and students. The Division has several grant programs to support institutional endeavors. Historically Black colleges and universities, tribal colleges and universities, and Hispanic-serving institutions receive grants to enhance the humanities content of existing programs, develop new programs, or lay the foundation for more extensive endeavors in the future. The division also funds two- to three-year programs of faculty and curricular development for community college teachers and administrators. The topics of these programs--responding to the Chairman’s Bridging Cultures initiative--highlight the role of the humanities in enhancing understanding and respect for diverse cultures and subcultures within America’s borders and around the globe. Institutions seeking curricular innovation may receive support for one or more faculty to develop a new undergraduate course exploring a question of enduring significance.