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Guiding Principles for Independent Status

January 19, 2012 | By Brandon Johnson

Whether an affiliated or consortial organization may apply for a challenge grant, independent of its parent or member organizations, depends on three criteria for assessing the autonomy of the applicant.  An affiliate is eligible to apply separately if it meets the following criteria:

  • both the fund-raising activities and program or programs which stand to benefit are governed by an independent board of trustees or advisors;
  • the applying unit is financially independent from the host institution; and
  • the applicant has an administration and programs independent of the host institution.

Precedents:  an institution that was in the past denied independent status may re-petition for such status if its governance has changed.  An institution that was in the past accepted as an independent applicant need not be re-assessed if it wishes to apply for a challenge grant.

University presses and university media stations are deemed to have independent status by definition.