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2016 Play/Back Symposium Schedule

8:30am - Registration 

9:30am - Welcoming Remarks from Chairman Adams

9:45am - Keynote Speaker: Dave Isay, Founder, Storycorps

10:30am - Plenary Panel:  Appraising our Audiovisual Heritage

Speakers: Sara Fishko, Hannah Gill, Tanya Clement, Yvonne Ng

What will people want to see and hear in twenty years, let alone a century from now? The selection of materials for preservation and prioritization for reformatting has generally been based on risk to types of recorded formats and physical assessment of signal carriers. Such approaches downplay the value of content. This panel will address how scholars, curators, and other humanists can work alongside audiovisual archivists and collection managers to develop methods of audiovisual appraisal. More specifically, they will consider where the gaps in the audiovisual record may be, whether in terms of underrepresented groups, genres, or media formats. What content has unique value that may be missed without the input of subject experts? What areas of society and culture may be documented only in audiovisual media? To answer these questions, it is critical to seek the input of those who may consult audiovisual materials, such as researchers, collectors, and scholars, as well as archivists and curators with deep knowledge of their collections.

11:15am - Break

11:45am - Breakout Sessions – Please check your nametag to find your room assignment.

Filling the Knowledge Gaps – Room 3063/3064

            Advancing Research Methods – Conference Room B & Room 2002

            Community Archiving and Engaging the Public –  Room P003 & Room 3069

            Using Heritage Materials in Media Content Production – Room P002 & Room 4002

1:00pm - Lunch

2:00pm - Plenary Panel:  Developing a Framework for Action: How to Ensure the Persistence and Quality of the Audiovisual Record?

Speakers: Jon Ippolito, Barclay Ogden, Karen Cariani, Kim Christen

Cultural heritage institutions both large and small no longer have the luxury of tackling their preservation and access needs on their own. We now live in an era of leveraging limited resources whether in the form of personnel, storage, infrastructure, knowledge or collection development. The growth of major national efforts such as the Digital Public Library of America, the National Digital Stewardship Alliance, and the American Archive for Public Broadcasting have demonstrated the importance of building collaborative ties across institutions. Success depends on understanding shifting access needs of users, sharing of resources, deepening understanding of thematic and regional content, and the ability to make an effective argument to multiple stakeholders.  It also rests on the authentic engagement of diverse stakeholders, whether on a large scale or at the local level.  Finally, it relies on explanding the base of knowledgeable practitioners, who possess a combination of skills and a vision for multi-disciplinary participation.  This panel will address the successes and setbacks in getting collaborative projects off the ground, while also providing advice for forging new partnerships going forward.

2:45pm - Break

3:15pm - Breakout Sessions - Please check your nametag to find your room assignment.

            Collaboration at Scale – Conference Room B & Room 2002

            Assembling Interdisciplinary Expertise – Room P003 & Room 4002

            Meeting the Needs of Under-resourced Sectors – Room P002 & Room 3069

            Bringing Curation Awareness to Content Producers -  Room 3063/3064

4:30pm - Keynote Speaker: Nancy Watrous, Executive Director, Chicago Film Archives

5:30pm - Reception

6:15pm - Special NEH Screening