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Office of Communications and Public Affairs

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs represents the National Endowment for the Humanities in communications with the media and members of the public. Its mission is to disseminate information about NEH grant programs and products and to promote the importance of the humanities our country’s cultural advancement and in enriching the lives of its citizens.

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs publishes news releases and other information, works with the news media to keep them informed of the work of the agency and its grantees, manages the agency’s website and social media, and publishes announcements of NEH grants. The office also responds to media requests, arranges interviews with NEH staff, and coordinates major NEH public events, including the National Humanities Medals and the annual Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities.

To reach NEH’s Office of Communications and Public Affairs, please contact:

telephone: 202-606-8446

Recent News

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Renovated National Civil Rights Museum Reopens

Historic Lorraine Motel, site of the 1968 assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., reopens with new permanent exhibits on civil rights history, supported by NEH grants
Ernest Hemingway, Paris, circa 1924

The Letters of Ernest Hemingway

A volume of Hemingway's letters, produced with support from NEH grants, detail the writer's early life in Paris
David Livingstone, by Frederick Havill

The Lost Diary of David Livingstone

New documentary tells how notes from the final expedition of famous Victorian explorer David Livingstone were restored and deciphered through NEH-funded conservation projects.
cover: A Misplaced Massacre: Struggling over the Memory of Sand Creek

A Misplaced Massacre

NEH-supported book on the Sand Creek Massacre awarded the 2014 Bancroft Prize
image of ladder

African-Americans in the Global Age

Black History Month lesson plans from EDSITEment
September 27, 2014  to  February 1, 2015

Flint Hills Forces: The Shaping of Manhattan, Fort Riley and Kansas State University 1917-1963

Exhibition and series of public programs exploring the history of the region between 1917 and 1963.

September 27, 2014

Founding Gardens: Penn, Washington and Jefferson

The gardens of three eminent American historical figures William Penn, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are the focus of this highly visual presentation. The element that binds them together is the Quaker gardening tradition.

September 26, 2014

Heart of the Drum: The Story of the Delaware Tribe of Indians in Kansas

The Delaware Indian's history in Kansas is chronicled in this full-length documentary film.

September 25, 2014

David Thoreson: Personal Adventures and Explorations of the Northwest Passage

David tells adventure stories visually, stitching voyages together and along the way go into brief history, photography and landscape, trip planning, ice charts, wildlife, native villages, and changes in the environment contributing to loss of Arctic ice.

September 24, 2014

Healing African Dance

Through lecture, video and demonstration, audiences learn about different categories of African dance (e.g., social, folklore and ritual) that are performed in various contexts in African life from births, to naming ceremonies, to weddings, to death.

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