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Office of Communications and Public Affairs

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs represents the National Endowment for the Humanities in communications with the media and members of the public. Its mission is to disseminate information about NEH grant programs and products and to promote the importance of the humanities our country’s cultural advancement and in enriching the lives of its citizens.

The Office of Communications and Public Affairs publishes news releases and other information, works with the news media to keep them informed of the work of the agency and its grantees, manages the agency’s website and social media, and publishes announcements of NEH grants. The office also responds to media requests, arranges interviews with NEH staff, and coordinates major NEH public events, including the National Humanities Medals and the annual Jefferson Lecture in the Humanities.

To reach NEH’s Office of Communications and Public Affairs, please contact:

telephone: 202-606-8446

To find the Grantee Communication Toolkit click here

Recent News

Malinda Lowery

Q&A with NEH Public Scholar Malinda Lowery

NEH Public Scholar discusses her book, The Lumbee Indians: An American Struggle
Philip Dray

Q&A with NEH Public Scholar Philip Dray

Philip Dray discusses his NEH Public Scholar project on the history of hunting in America
Judith Dupre

Q&A with NEH Public Scholar Judith Dupré

NEH Public Scholar Judith Dupré discusses her "biography" of One World Trade Center
Gregg Hecimovich

Q&A with NEH Public Scholar Gregg Hecimovich

NEH Public Scholar Gregg Hecimovich uncovers the identity of fugitive slave and first African-American woman novelist, author of the 1850s novel The Bondwoman’s Narrative
March 31, 2016

Shakespeare and Political Philosophy

A movie discussion on Richard II for adult and high school audiences.

March 29, 2016

For the Love of Words: Poetry, Prose and the Creative Writing Process

Twyla M. Hansen, Nebraska's State Poet -- Creative writing is a process that thrives on practice. This writing workshop focuses on the creative process for both poetry and short prose. Twyla will use readings of her own and others writing, along with guided writing exercises, to create an interactive and supportive workshop.

March 29, 2016

Should we teach Shakespeare in the 21st century? A Professional Development Workshop for Teachers

Presenters:  Dr. Kay Sato, Director of Hutton House Lectures, LIU Post, Dr. John Lutz, English Dept. LIU Post, and Dr. Lynne Manouvrier, Director of Gifted and Talented Program, School of Education, LIU Post.

March 28, 2016

South Asian American Women: Rupturing the “Third World Woman” and the Meanings of “Arranged Marriage”

This presentation explores one of the spaces of cathexis in which South Asian American women demonstrate the flexibility of cultural identity, both in its grounding in a specific political economy and its responsiveness to situational factors that allow individuals and groups to make cultural choices, including marriage.

March 27, 2016

Chekhov Play "The Three Sisters"

This is one of five reading and lectures produced by Wisconsin Rapids Community Theatre, each featuring a play by Anton Chekov. The series provides historical, social, political, and critical information on the times, life, and work of the Russian author who transformed dramatic literature.

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