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Limited Edition NEH 50th Anniversary Brand Materials

Below are badges created by NEH for wide use on social media and on partner websites. Please feel free to use widely. Please use these badges in their entirety. If you would like to add your own branding to these badges, that is allowed as long as you do not alter the badge in any way.

Logo Usage and Display Requirements

Typesetting the logo using similar typefaces will not result in the official 50th logo and is not permitted. The size and space relationships between the letters, words, and shapes must be maintained at all times. Any rearrangement, alteration, or deletion of letter forms or shapes is prohibited.When the 50th NEH logo is accompanied by additional text or other graphic elements, there should be an image-free zone maintained around the 50th logo to guard against visual clutter from other elements on the page.The size and space relationship of the “symbol” and “full name” elements that make up the 50th logo must be maintained at all times. When changing the size of the 50th logo, the height to width ratio must remain proportional at all times. Any rearrangement or deletion of elements that alter the 50th logo anatomy is not allowed.The 50th logo has been designed to retain its characters and readability in small and large sizes. The technical limitations of some printing methods, however, may prohibit legible reproduction of the 50th logo below a certain size.

These limited edition NEH 50th anniversary brand materials can be used from September 29, 2015 to September 30 2016.

Celebrating Archaeology

Supporting Digitization

Supporting Digitization V2

Supporting Documentary Film

Supporting Exhibits

Celebrating Language

Celebrating Preservation

Supporting Scholarly Research

Celebrating Libraries